MSP Polyols™

MSP Polyols™ are soy polyols produced from soybean oil via a novel one-step process that circumvents oxirane formation. As a result these unique polyols are primary polyols, having less steric-hindrance, lower viscosity, less color and higher reactivity than other soy-based polyols. MSP Polyols™ react with every commercially available type of isocyanate and isocyanate terminated pre-polymer, generating potentially unlimited and diverse applications for these reactants in polyurethane formation. The performance of MSP Polyols™ equals and often exceeds conventional polyols, and their reactivity is higher than that of petroleum-based polyols.MSP Polyols™ enable formulators to produce elastomers, coatings, rigid, flexible and isocyanurate foams using concentrations of bio-based materials of up to 100% that exhibit the physical properties typical of polyurethanes made with industry standard polyols.

Physical/Chemical Properties of MSP Polyols™

Product Functionality Hydroxyl Number* Molecular Weight % Water (max) Viscosity @ 25º C Acid Number* Specific Gravity
MSP-150™ 2 150 ~750 ≤0.1 140 ≤3.0 0.94
MSP-150P™ 2 150 ~750 ≤0.1 140 3.7 – 6.5 0.94
MSP-230™ 2 230 ~750 ≤0.3 375 ≤3.0 0.95
MSP-230P™ 2 230 ~750 ≤0.3 375 3.7 – 6.5 0.95
MSP-230M™ 2 230 ~750 ≤0.1 4,000 ≤3.0 0.94

*mg KOH/g

Performance Properties

  • Compatible with raw materials typically used in polyurethane formulation/production
  • Reactivity and performance equally/exceeds conventional polyols
  • Low volatility; low odor
  • Not an irritant or sensitizer
  • Nontoxic, non-carcinogenic, non-HAPs
  • Biodegradable; low environmental impact
  • Excellent environmental profile


MSP Polyols™ can be used in formulating flexible and rigid polyurethane foams, isocyanurate foams, elastomeric coatings and other polyurethane products for the CASE and foam industries. Additional polyols of different hydroxyl number, molecular weight, acid number and moisture content are available upon request.

Contact Chimista for details. MSP Polyols™ are available in 440 lb. 55 gallon drums, 2,200 lb. totes or 45,000 lb. bulk.