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Since our inception in 2003 Chimista has been formulating and distributing bio-degradable, environmentally friendly cleaners, coatings, solvents and textile auxiliaries for industry. Our products are bio-based and have outstanding performance characteristics specifically designed to lower production cost and foster environmental compliance.

At Chimista we consider ourselves your partner, more than your supplier. Chimista not only sells chemicals, we work with you to develop processes that save you money. Our staff will develop testing and operational procedures tailored specifically to your business and equipment type. We will also assist with in-plant testing and operational trials. Chimista is dedicated to serving its clients, both present and future. We are committed to providing our customers with innovated and unrivaled products, value and service. Together we will grow and prosper through relentless dedication to improvement and partnerships with our customers, suppliers and community while preserving the environment for our children and future generations.